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TKR using Computer Navigation Explained by Dr. Vivek Mahajan of ISIC, New Delhi

Dr. Vivek Mahajan, Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon at ISIC, New Delhi, is explaining about Total Knee Replacement using Computer Navigation. He has performed several breakthroughs in ortho-surgeries including computer-aided surgeries to restore joints mobility. The stay in the hospital is of 5 days and around 15 days outside the hospital. The knee replacement surgery in India has close to 100% success rate because surgeon uses US FDA approved implants.

Knee Replacement Surgery - Best Explained by Dr. Vivek Mahajan of ISIC, New Delhi

Dr. Vivek Mahajan is one of the leading Joint Surgeons practicing in New Delhi with 14+ years of experience. He did a Diploma in Computer-assisted joint replacement from Glasgow, United Kingdom. He completed fellowship training in Joint surgery from pioneering institutions in United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and South Korea. His expertise includes Joint Replacement Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Joint Pain, and Physiotherapy for Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Cartilage Surgery etc. Knee replacement surgery is performed to relieve pain and restore the function of diseased knee joints. The surgeon will choose a variety of knee replacement prostheses and surgical techniques depending on age, activity level, weight, knee shape, knee size, and overall health. The surgery involves cutting the damaged bone and replacing it with an artificial joint made of high-grade plastics, polymers and metal alloys.

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